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About Jordan

What I know to be true.

Nostalgia is that deep longing for long-gone moments that impacted your soul in a way nothing else could. Wistful moments in time that were perhaps simpler, or better. The song that comes on the radio that played during your first kiss. The reassuring look in your fathers’ eyes when he walked you down the aisle. The way your new baby felt on your skin the moment you met. That smile, unlike any other smile, after saying your vows in front of everyone you’ve ever loved. As the years go by, those memories fade, no matter how hard we try to hold on. This is my way of giving you that, forever.

Love Notes

Her professionalism is unmatched. Her eye for capturing the moments you truly want captured is a true gift, and she as a person is such a gift.

Kristen Chatham

I would rank her as our highest wedding vendor by a wide margin and you can rest assured that pictures are one of those details you will not have to worry about.

Chris Shriver

Hi There, I’m Jordan

Photography found me when I needed direction. I took a black and white medium format film class and finally felt like I understood the meaning of home. The awareness of being in a dark room, surrounded by the smell of chemicals and images coming to life, was the closest I’d ever been to utter joy. So I changed the entire course of my life and never looked back.

My inspiration is found in the quiet in-between instants of warmth that you won’t find on a schedule, shot list, or Pinterest. I am only interested in documenting sincere connectedness & life moments overflowing with honesty. There is no other love like the one you have found and let us honor that. This world is flooded with distractions and fluff, and it’s worth fighting against. Choosing a partner means being wholly loved and accepted, and what a beautiful, sacred blessing that is. Let’s preserve that to show your babies one day.

At home in North Carolina, you can find me hanging out with my impossibly handsome husband, chasing my little boys, and loving on my rescue pups. Once I became a mother, I made the decision to invest myself in what matters most. My father once told me that my heart “filled to bursting,” and I wear that with pride.

A Few Fun Facts About Me

I pull over for any stray animal I see on the slight chance that they may need me.

I crave chocolate in the middle of the night.

I worked on my laptop in my favorite local coffee shop for a year before I opened my business. I still go there every morning.

And … my humor is filthy.