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What Questions Can I Help You With?

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer professionally for about 11 years now, but my love for the art itself started long before. Even as a child, I gravitated to old trunks full of family albums, paying close attention to how things once were.

Why should we hire a professional photographer?

It’s easy to take a pretty picture in the perfect conditions. It’s important to hire a professional that you not only find comfort in, but one that understands what to do when the obstacles are working against you (bad lighting, venue issues, poor weather, challenging family dynamics, etc.) I believe in myself and in my knowledge. There are areas in wedding planning where you can settle—photographs shouldn’t be one of them.

What services do you offer?

My services include weddings and all things wedding related. I also really love family and newborn sessions. My work has a photojournalism approach with a major emphasis on natural light. I typically only use flash during a wedding reception.

Do you retouch your photos?

Of course! I have an overall aesthetic that I have created through the years. With that said, I believe in natural beauty and minimal editing. I welcome the scars, the freckles, the unique little details that have shaped us. One of my all-time favorite sessions featured a lovely girl with a noticeable scar on her chest. I respectfully asked if she wanted me to remove it, and she said “Why would I? It means I lived.” I’ll never forget that and I’ll never ask again.

How many weddings do you take a year?

I currently take no more than 20. That allows me to focus on quality, client connection and the best possible experience for my couples.

How many photos do we get back in a gallery?

Quality over quantity, my friends. I eliminate images that are unflattering and ultimately deliver naturally edited photographs that are beautiful and meaningful. Weddings typically receive around 1,000-1500 photos depending on coverage.

Can we post on social media?

Please do! I do appreciate proper credit given. I respectfully ask that you do not apply any filters or alter them in any way—they are no longer my work at that point. Tag me on Instagram: @jordanbrannockphotography and Facebook: jordanbrannockphotography

Do you work off of a shot list?

The short answer is “kind of.” Several weeks before the wedding, I will ask for a shot list of sentimental details as well as a consolidated family/friend groupings list. I prefer to work as much as I can utilizing my own eyes and awareness. Overall, my approach is fluid and non-invasive with a little guidance offered throughout. I believe in capturing genuine moments, and I have learned that those can’t ever be forced or choreographed.

Do you suggest investing in a wedding album?

That is a firm YES. Photographs are meant to be an ongoing experience that you will one day share with your children and grandchildren. This will be your first true family heirloom and will one day be your legacy to pass down. There is a power in touch and having a tangible documentation of the beginning of your life together is invaluable. Don’t you remember rummaging through your grandparents’ albums when you were a kid? A screen could never, and will never, give you that same heart thrill.

Do you offer a second shooter?

Nope, I’m a one woman show. I am strongly bonded with my clients and am confident in my ability, equipment, knowledge, and experience. My approach is intimate and emotional and that environment becomes nearly impossible to create when it feels like paparazzi.

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely. I mostly photograph in the Carolinas, but with time and notice, I am always ready and willing to experience new places with great people.


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I believe there is an ideal photographer for you just like there is an ideal client for me. In my experience, I know this to be true: An effortless connection, honest communication and being certain of one another will undoubtedly lead to the best possible imagery and long-lasting friendship to follow.

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