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Service Offerings

A Note From Me To You

When you choose me as your photographer, you aren’t just selecting someone with a camera and many years of experience. You are choosing someone that has invested a third of her life into understanding this art. Someone who has been married nearly a decade, brought children into this world and acknowledges the good far outweighs the bad. Someone who understands significant loss and was forever changed by it. Someone who believes prayer can be found anywhere and so can love. It’s impossible to understand the sacredness of a moment while you are living it, but let’s document it so that you can remember.

01. Engagement Sessions

So much of the wedding experience is shared with others and can sometimes feel intrusive. This is about the two of you finding quiet delight in one another, and nothing else. Have fun, snuggle in a pretty place & get comfortable being photographed together before the wedding. If you are authentic, happy and at peace–your images will be too. Wedding planning can be chaotic and this is the perfect way to just stop and revel in the love you have found.

02. Wedding Sessions

Be present & intentional, love mightily, dance with your best friends, drink some champagne and let it sink in that the day has finally come. Trust that I’m paying close attention to detail, intuitively understanding your relationships and gently guiding when needed. When you are fully aware that the marriage is far more important than the wedding itself, your images will undoubtedly sing.

03. Bridal Sessions

Bridal sessions are the perfect trial run & rehearsal before the big day. It gives most nervous brides an opportunity to focus on themselves, feel their most beautiful & see all of their carefully selected elements pieced together after much anticipation. This session helps to ease nerves, find comfort in being in front of the camera and make any necessary changes before the wedding day.

Family Sessions

Family sessions are about capturing the unspoken magic between loved ones. Creating a natural space where families can just be. Children are completely captivating with their endless expressions and emotions, and it feels like they change overnight. These sessions are full of love, sometimes chaotic, always entertaining and real–because that’s what family is. And we are lucky to have it.

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Newborn Sessions

This intimate session is all about capturing the perfect little one you just brought home and into your world. Basking in the short-lived chapter of tiny hands and wrinkled toes. Finding beautiful pockets of light and the euphoric love that only a new baby can bring. This is a time in your life that can’t ever be repeated, and you’ll certainly cherish these images for life.

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